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Everything you need to know
« on: June 07, 2009, 01:21:25 am »
Dynasty League Rules

The league will consist of 10 teams, and will use ESPN as its league management system during the football season.

Number of Franchises: 10
Number of Roster Spots: 25
Number of Weekly Starters: 10
Head-To-Head Matchups: Yes
Number of Starting QBs: 1
Number of Starting RBs: 2
Number of Starting WRs: 3
Number of Flex any position: 1
Number of Starting TEs: 1
Number of Starting PKs: 1
Number of Starting Def/STs: 1


1.1 The league will consist of 10 franchises.
1.2 The length of the regular season will be 13 weeks.
1.3 Weekly league games will be played head-to-head
1.4 The league will be run on ESPN.
1.5 The league will consist of two divisions, even and odd #.
1.6 The league commissioner is responsible for conducting league business, arbitrating league disputes, and maintaining the integrity of the league.

Franchise Ownership

2.1 Franchise ownership is $20.
2.2 Each owner may only own one franchise.
2.3 Owners can name their franchise whatever they choose, provided that the commissioner may reject any name deemed obscene or offensive.


3.1 Tanking is a serious threat to the integrity of the league. Tanking is the act of submitting a weaker lineup in hopes of improving draft position, or by means of neglecting your team so that you are no longer managing your team. Both negatively affect the league.
3.2 Players on a bye week and players listed as “out” on the injury report may not be used in any week that the owner has other players available to use. If you have someone on your team that could start in their place you must use them instead.
3.3 Starting lesser quality players over higher quality players is allowed. However, if the commissioner believes that an owner is submitting a lineup in order to lose a game, the owner will be penalized as set forth in Section 3.4. Owners have a great deal of freedom to submit lineups they are comfortable with; they can take chances and start players they are comfortable with. This rule is not to make sure that you start your best 10 players but that you keep the league competitive.
3.4 If the commissioner determines that an owner has broken this rule, the owner violating the rule may, in the commissioner’s discretion, be forced to forfeit the owner’s next 1st round draft pick. The commissioner may also remedy a violation of this rule by removing the offending owner from the league. In that case, the commissioner will be responsible for setting the removed owner’s lineup until a suitable replacement owner is found.

The Rookie Draft

4.1 The rookie draft will start approximately one week following the NFL rookie draft each year.
4.2 The rookie draft will not be a serpentine draft. The order of the draft will be determined by the previous year. The worst team will get the first pick and the league champion will get the last pick each round. Tie breakers will be the total points earned by the teams in need of a tie breaker.
4.3 The rookie draft will last 5 rounds. If a team finishes the rookie draft with fewer than 25 players, that team may not select additional players until the free agency/waiver period begins after that year’s ESPN site is activated. If a team has 25 players on its roster and has additional picks remaining in that year’s rookie draft, the extra picks will be forfeited.
4.4 Trading of draft selections is permitted prior to or during the draft. Teams may trade picks from the current draft and the next immediate future draft only. (Following the draft, teams can once again trade picks for the next two drafts.) Once a trade is made between two franchises, both parties must notify the commissioner to validate the trade. This may be accomplished by posting a message in the appropriate forum of the league’s message board.
4.6 The rookie draft will be conducted on the league’s message board.
4.7 Each team will have 12 hours to make their draft selection, not counting the hours of 1am EST through 5am EST. Drafting can continue during these times, but it is not required.
4.8 If an owner fails to submit a draft pick within his/her allocated time, the draft may continue, with the next owner making his pick at any time he chooses. Once the next owner has made his pick, the following owner may make his pick. The owner whose pick was skipped may make his pick at any time in this process, but he may not select a player already selected by another owner. (Think of this as the Minnesota Vikings Rule.)
4.9 If an owner withdraws from the league during the draft, the draft will stop until a new owner is found and begin when the new owner is selected without penalizing the new team.


5.1 Each franchise will maintain an in-season active roster with a maximum of 25 players.
5.2 Each owner may decide how many players to carry at each position, except the limit of 2 defenses at a time.
5.3 Each year, the commissioner shall set a Roster Cut Down Date, which shall be after the NFL draft, but before the league’s rookie draft. The Roster Cut Down Date shall be announced by April 1 of each year. At the Roster Cut Down Date, each team must drop enough players from its roster so that the roster has no more than 20 players. For most teams, this will mean dropping 5 players.

Weekly Line-Ups

6.1 Each franchise may start up to 10 players each week: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 Flex for any position, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 Def/ST.


7.1 If the commissioner determines that a trade is the result of collusion or is otherwise not in the best interest of the league, the commissioner may veto the trade. Trades will not be vetoed solely because the commissioner believes one team benefits more than the other. It is intended that a vetoed trade will be an extraordinary event.
7.2 When a trade is made, both owners must notify the commissioner to make the trade official. This can be accomplished by posting a message in the appropriate forum of the league’s message board.
7.3 The trading deadline is kickoff of week 13 NFL games. Trading may resume immediately following the league’s championship game.
7.4 Draft picks for the next two rookie drafts may be traded. Draft picks beyond that may not be traded.
7.5 One week trades are not allowed. One team cannot trade a player to another team for a temporary period of time with the understanding that the original team will receive this player back via a second trade.
7.6 All trades must be completed as a whole. For example you cannot trade player A for player B under the premise that you will also trade player C for player D 2 weeks later.

Free Agency/Waivers

8.1 Free Agent/Waiver claims will be processed through ESPN during the season.
8.2 No Free Agent/Waiver claims will be permitted during the off-season until the league’s ESPN site for the next year is active. The commissioner will notify league members when the site will be activated.
8.4 The waiver priority list for the first year will be the reverse of that year’s rookie draft order. After the first season the waiver priority list will be determined by the previous season. The worst team gets the first shot and the best team gets the last shot. When a player is on waivers, any owner interested in acquiring that player may place a waiver claim through the ESPN website. Of the owners claiming the player, the one with the lowest number in the waiver priority list will get the player. The owner who receives the player will then be placed at the end of the waiver priority list. This process is automated by ESPN and cannot be controlled by the commissioner.
8.5 Any player not on a roster and not on waivers is a free agent. Defenses will be the only controlled free agent. You will only be allowed to change your two defenses, one time each season.
8.6 During the NFL Season Free Agent additions will not be allowed from the kickoff of the first game of the week until after the waiver wire processes. During this time owners can submit a request for a player to be added to their roster. If two owners have requested the same player during the same time period the player will be awarded to the owner with the next waiver priority.


9.1 The league’s playoffs begin on week fourteen (14) of the NFL season.
9.2 The playoffs conclude on week sixteen (16) with the league’s championship game.
9.3 The 4 teams with the best win-loss record in each division advance to the post-season. Ties will be broken by ESPN tiebreaker system.
9.4 In Week 14, each division will have 1 play 4 and 2 play 3. The winners playing for a Super Bowl spot. In Week 16, the two winning teams from the previous week will play each other.
9.5 There will be a toilet bowl battle for the two teams not in the post season. This game will be played for pride, and to determine who will draft first next year.


QB, RB, WR, TE, K:

Passing TDs (6)
Passing Yards (1 point for every 20 yards)
Interceptions Thrown (-2)
Passing 2 Pointers (2)
Rushing TDs (6)
Rushing Yards (1 point for every 10 yards)
Rushing 2 Pointers (2)
Receiving TDs (6)
Receiving Yards (1 Point for every 10 yards)
Receiving 2 Pointers (2)
Receptions (1)
12 points for any TD from the line of scrimmage 50 plus yards.
Field Goals 0-39 yards (3)
Field Goals 40-49 yards (4)
Field Goals 50+ yards (5)
Extra Points (1)

Fumble Recoveries (3)
Interceptions (3)
Safeties (2)
Sacks (1)
Defensive & Special Teams TDs (6)
Points Allowed 0 points (10)
Points Allowed 1-6 points (7)
Points Allowed 7-13 points (4)
Points Allowed 14-20 points (1)
Points Allowed 21-27 points (0)
Points Allowed 28+   points (-1)

Changing the rules

11.1 The commissioner may amend these rules when doing so is in the best interest of the league. The commissioner will normally seek the input and opinion of the members of the league before amending any of the rules. The commissioner may elect to put any issue he chooses to a league vote.
11.2 Owners are encouraged to suggest changes to the rules by contacting the commissioner.
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